LM Operations Ltd has been established to offer greater access to motor finance in the Irish car finance market.

LM Operations is a lender, we are not a broker, we make the credit decisions and we lend both our own money and for the portfolios that we manage.

LM Operations provides a range of products & services for:

  • Dealers
  • Brokers
  • Manufacturers
  • Car Supermarkets
  • Private Investors
  • Consumers

Our goal is to work directly with motor dealer groups and motor supermarkets. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to all our customers. We also offer a range of products & services for Irish car finance dealers & brokers delivering competitive solutions and a range of software tools that make life easier.

LM Operations will finance cars for people who have had a problem in the past and have been refused credit because of that problem.  As an independent, privately owned and well-capitalised finance company LM Operations is here to offer borrowing facilities to non-Prime consumers and has all the necessary expertise to meet those needs.

We specialise in underwriting, originating and collecting motor finance portfolios on behalf of third parties.  Our outsourcing solutions support any individual or organisation that desires a motor finance portfolio (or the fantastic returns we can generate!), has the capital, but not the infrastructure or expertise.  By leveraging our specialist knowledge and our IT software development skills, we provide bespoke solutions for any motor finance application.

Our managed portfolios or outsourced solutions span the credit spectrum, from high net worth, prime through to the sub-prime sector. We have a proven track record in providing bespoke underwriting solutions to manage risk effectively. Our outsourcing team’s current clients include banks, car manufacturers, car retailers, motor finance brokers and asset finance companies.